I cherish the memories of a question my grandson asked me the other day, when he said, ‘Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?’ Grandpa said, ‘No. But i served in a company of heroes.’

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"Police brutality has gone too far!"

"Only police should be allowed access to guns!"


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Anonymous said:
They were rioting because they were being attacked by the police. They aren't monsters at all for being angry





I’m tired of people like you trying to justify violence, theft, and general asinine thuggery.

The riots broke out after a peaceful candle vigil quickly grew into a mass free-for-all like middle-aged moms at Pottery Barn on Black Friday.  Why?  Because the opportunity presented itself.


Rioters and looters smashed and grabbed at stores up and down the street, shot at police helicopters, as well as kicked and threw anything they could at passing police cars.  That’s when the police started sending in reinforcements.  It was in response to the violence happening all over the place; not the peaceful demonstration.  Use your brain.

Robbery is not a response to being attacked by police.  This was not about anger.  This was all about criminal opportunity.  It was a chance for people to vent their superfluous outrage, destroy property and steal whatever they could get their hands on.  Only a handful of the idiots that showed up to these protests even knew Michael Brown, let alone the facts of the situation.

You know what neighborhood businesses typically get burned? The ones that aren’t Black owned. You’ve seen them — the pawn shops, the quick-marts, the pay-day loan stores, the liquor stores, the third tier rent-to-own stores…you know, the kind of stores you rarely see on every other corner in middle class White neighborhoods. In short, all the businesses endemic of profiteering and structural poverty…the same businesses that like to follow innocent Black people around in stores for no reason. The businesses that won’t hire many of the Black people living in the neighborhoods they’re profiting off of. The businesses that charge twice as much for the same goods & services that are half as expensive in White neighborhoods

THOSE are the businesses that typically get burned in impoverished neighborhoods. Now, while I’m not necessarily advocating riots, I will repeat the words of Martin Luther King Jr, “I think that we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard”

Second, Other than corporate media outlets repeating what the police are telling them, I haven’t seen much hard evidence of honest to God unprovoked “rioting”…but what I have seen is lots of white police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters. I’ve seen militarized police aim guns, tanks and sound cannons at unarmed civilians in their own neighborhoods. I’ve seen police not interviewing, but arresting key witnesses. I’ve seen people getting gassed in their homes—THEIR HOMES—for committing the crime of what, being Black at home?

The media goes on and on about “looting and rioting” without focusing too much on the police’s strong-arm tactics, they’re complicit in furthering the ratings meme of “unreasonably angry Black people”. Black people have been the victims of mass theft, violence, and repression by the politicians, police, and capitalist elites of this country for hundreds of years, including in an escalated fashion over the past few decades with the advent of the so-called “war on drugs.”

If you think the problems in St. Louis BEGAN last week with a riot that smashed up a store, then you REALLY don’t understand the reality of the conditions faced by Black people in that city and throughout this country. The political and economic structures of white supremacy have been conducting a RIOT against the lives and communities of Black people for a long, long time. You just haven’t been paying attention to THAT violence until your local mall gets shut down.

Your school was on lock-down? Thousands of schools in Black neighborhoods all over the country have been SHUT DOWN in the past few years by politicians who claim there is no money in the budget while they simultaneously spend millions of dollars buying machine guns, tanks, and aerial drones for the local police forces. Not to mention the constant building of new prisons; tax breaks for corporations and the rich; etc., etc.


Look at these evil businesses profiteering and causing structural poverty in Ferguson.









Who knew a Quick Trip was oppressing black neighborhoods so badly?  We should just burn them all down I suppose.  Fight the power and whatnot. 

Let’s take a look at what “the corporate media outlets are repeating from the police,” shall we…


Nothing to see here.  Just eating a big bite hotdog to replenish my energy so I can loot well on through the night.







Since when do peaceful protesters start wearing bandannas and shirts to conceal their faces? Is this a new thing?


Here’s an idea, how about you stop using this shooting to proclaim how oppressed African Americans are?  Violent protests and civil unrest are only harming this community more.  These morons are doing no one any favors by acting like hooligans.

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UPDATE 15 - Autopsy and the cops story revisited


ALL updates at the bottom (most plausible timeline of events included in #4)

I will be updating this, check for new version here to reblog and delete the old one.

Story goes a cop saw Michael Brown walking in middle of the street and approached, still unaware of the robbery. Then he got the call abotu a description from a robbery. The cop claims after he stopped and took the guy into his car he struggled and reached for his gun and a shot was fired. Others give different accounts from the cop just executed him for no reason to he tried to drag him through the driver seat window LOL. Lets not forget the police said the cop was in the hospital with a busted jaw and swollen eye in their press conference.

>strong arm robbery
>fleeing felon (leaving crime scene)
>assault on an officer after confronted
>attempt to take his gun

he didnt do anything to die waa he did nothing wrong

>world defends him and try to justify it all

If only people had waited for the facts to come out and let the investigation happen instead of freak the fuck out and “demand justice or no peace” thus halting any investigation while people rioted and looted for 4 days resulting in a death, a drive by, over a dozen looted stores, burned cars and a store and shootings all over lmao.

Every single person that defended this guy, and the looters and protesters and every single idiot that supported this shit shit on facebook and twitter, each and every single one of you are fucking morons.

There are much better things to be concerned about and protest and give world attention to.

From the look of things and the police report, its looking like Michael Brown was indeed the guy in the footage and might have actually tried to take the gun off the got and got shot. Investigation is still on going.

Anyway here is the police report

And the video
Youtube Source

Some excuses on twitter and shit trying to run MAXIMUM damage control (and failing)

>thats not him
>who cares it was just some cheap shit
>doesnt look like a robbery to me
>I dont believe its him and you cant change my mind
>faked by police after the fact

Needless to say all the leftist media and mentally ill SJW liberals are mad as fuck.

Butt status #REKT


Update 1

Looks like one of the biggest witnesses to the shooting death of Michael Brown is also the guy who was with him in the robbery LOL

Dorian Johnson

Full size



Here are some highlights of events from the first night of the riots and looting with pics. This was all sourced from at the time, live streams and police scanners and people on twitter at the scene.

Click Here

For more info on following nights, search for without quotes “ferguson missouri” in my search bar. Listed from newest to oldest.


Alternative explanation of events other than execution hands up racist police mainstream version of events


Justice Department tried to censor Michael Brown robbery footage


Star witness Dorin Brown CONFIRMS it was him and Brown in robbery footage, putting to rest conspiracies of police making a fake video


Ferguson people claim riots will stop if police dis arm and leave them alone because people are only looting because they are out in “full force”. Unsurprisingly, lootings still break out.


Police confirm injuries cop suffered during confrontation with Michael Brown. Lends further credibility to his side of the story versus the multiple versions of other supposed witnesses


Curfew enacted along with state of emergency


FBI warns New Black Panther leader down in Ferguson inciting violence. The same group that called for all crackers and cracker babies to be killed.


Holder orders DOJ to do 2nd autopsy. Uh oh


Autopsy report seems to confirm the cops story and debunk the “witnesses” and execution and shot in back claims


DOOMSDAY CLOCK HAS STRUCK MIDNIGHT. Governor has called in National Guard. Capacity unknown.


2nd Autopsy shows no signs of struggle. Problems with this and possible spin by media and people.


Autopsy and Cops story of events revisited. New video and picture explanation

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Why are these acceptable:


But these are not:


Because tumblr is full of double standards.

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❝ A classic Joe Toye story is that back in the 1960s he was in a local fire hall and had a misunderstanding with his brother Fran. I guess all the men in the town used to hang out after work at the fire hall and drink. So Dad took off his leg and started swinging it around, bouncing on his good leg, using his artificial leg as a a weapon. I don’t know if he actually hit anyone with it, but that’s the way Dad was- you had to quit fighting him or kill him, because he wouldn’t back down. ❞
— from an interview with Joe’s son, Steve Toye (via josephjtoye)
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You’ve probably seen a lot going around Tumblr about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO and the ensuing madness. Here are some responses to typical liberal rhetoric.

"Michael Brown was murdered by Ferguson police!"

Michael Brown attacked a Ferguson police officer and bashed in his face. The officer fired his weapon, killing Brown, after retreating to his vehicle as Brown followed.

"But Ferguson protestors are peaceful!"

Liberals on Tumblr have portrayed Ferguson protestors as peaceful, with pictures like these showing them raising their hands.

But they aren’t peaceful. They’re throwing molotov cocktails and rocks at police. They’re looting and stealing. They’re lighting entire buildings on fire.

The actual peaceful protestors are telling the rioters to stop.

"The police are being violent!" 

Yes, the police there have become militarized. Frankly, that scares me. But in this particular case, including the ensuing violence from Ferguson protestors, the police are doing nothing wrong.

Are they using tear gas and smoke bombs? They sure are - but only after protestors attack them with flaming bottles of alcohol used as explosives. If a huge group of people threw one of those at you, wouldn’t you want to use something that would make them disperse and go away?

The protestors are throwing fatal fire bombs and the police are firing nonfatal smoke bombs, and liberals are siding with the protestors?!

Ferguson police and city officials don’t represent the town’s 60% black population!

That’s true. It’s undeniable: Ferguson’s population is 60% black, but the police force and city officials are mostly white and Hispanic. Here’s my response:

SO WHAT? Who’s fault is that? If black people in Ferguson wanted to run for office, they would. And considering the population makeup, they’d probably win! The truth is, no black people step up to run for positions in the area, nor do they apply to become police officers.

How can you blame the city or the police for the population’s unwillingness to break through the “race issue” in the area? If the underrepresentation is such a bad thing, why do the citizens in Ferguson perpetuate it?

Don’t believe the myths you see on Tumblr. The Ferguson protestors are violent looters, not peaceful activists.

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